There are a lot of escape rooms throughout the world with distinctive themes and thrilling experiences, but not all of them are accessible to children. Every escape room has specific requirements or age restrictions for kids. Everyone can enjoy escape rooms, whether they are adults or children. When you become tired of watching movies, having fun at game night, attending dull family gatherings, etc., there is another form of entertainment you can try. 

Since many escape rooms have age restrictions and do not accept children, some escape rooms are appropriate for children’s entertainment as well, and these escape rooms are a fantastic opportunity to bring your family together to have a wonderful time.

The ability to solve puzzles, complete chores, and play by assisting their team in locating clues as they race against the clock allows children to expand their imaginations and generate new ideas. 

Children under 12 may find it difficult to follow directions, become agitated, or feel excluded since they may not comprehend how the game works, which raises problems with younger children. Concerns about children who could find the thought of being imprisoned in a room may find it frightening. To ensure their safety, several escape rooms offer gaming experiences for children when an adult accompanies them. 

These are the escape rooms you can try with kids

1. Breakout® Escape Rooms in India 

Breakout escape rooms are a fantastic way to bring the entire family together for an enjoyable experience. Children of all ages can participate in any of the brand’s escape rooms. However, if you are deciding between escape room themes to play with your family, mark some recommendations from the staff before registering for the rooms that children enjoy the most. Breakout is also the perfect birthday celebration place as well as for corporate events place.

10 best escape rooms for kids in the world

2. Locked In A Room in the UK 

All ages, even infants, are welcome in this escape room. The company offers five entertaining and thrilling escape rooms. Additionally, it provides expansive city escapism for gatherings of all sizes, making it ideal for stag/hen, birthday, family, and team-building activities.  

3. Lock House Escape Games in the UK 

While players of all ages are welcome at LockHouse, the Egyptian Tomb is suggested as the game that novices and families should start with. Younger children must be followed by adults, although youngsters such as 12 can play alone.  

4. Paruzal games, Live-Hosted Online Escape Rooms –

Paruzal games are family-friendly and free of scary or objectionable content, making them an excellent option for youngsters. Virtual escape rooms are accessible to everyone. Games are suggested explicitly as kid-friendly escape room choices.   

5. Fox In A Box Escape Room in Chicago 

You can choose from various escape rooms at Fox In A Box Escape Room in Chicago based on your interests and preferences. 

The only escape room in Chicagoland with a rating of 5.0 stars. They delight in offering Family members, Children, students, Groups, and Companies a Professional, Personal, and Private Escape Room Experience. 

Fox In A Box Escape Room in Chicago is perfect if you’re hunting for a Chicago escape room suitable for kids and that both kids and adults will enjoy.  

6. Find and seek puzzles in Vancouver, British Columbia 

Find and seek puzzle offers puzzle adventure escape room experiences in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Puzzle Adventure Escape Rooms by Find and Seek were designed from the ground up to bring an epic adventure and immersive story to life. The brand also offers escape rooms for kids. 

The excursions are appropriate for kids ages eight and above. However, those between the ages of 8 and 15 must be accompanied by an adult.  

7. Crave Golf Club in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee 

Crave Golf is the most popular mini-golf and putt-putt course in Pigeon Forge and Sevier County.  With indoor and outdoor mini-golf, Escape Rooms, mini-bowling, a candy shop, and much more, the brand caters escape room adventures to people of all ages. Children under the age of three years will enjoy the experience for free. 

8. Captive Kids in Mississauga, Canada 

Captive Kids is the Authentic Kids and Family Oriented Escape Room adventure. Captive Kids is the very first escape room adventure designed specifically for families with kids. Your team must overcome various obstacles and interactive riddles to advance through the rooms and flee.  

9. CyberQ Escape Rooms in the UK 

There are several different escape games to choose from at CyberQ. If you have younger children, The Virus Man is an excellent place to start. The game can be tailored to children as young as five. Some games are designed to make them suitable for children. You will undoubtedly enjoy your time with the children here.  

10. Escape City in Kraków, Poland 

The brand provides an escape room for children, and there will be a guide for the children and their keepers throughout the game. The experience is wholesome, and children will enjoy themselves throughout.  


Under the supervision of their parents, children over the age of 10 or 12 can participate in escape room activities. The youngsters can choose from various rooms with varying degrees of difficulty depending on how well they can solve the puzzles. You can ask the game developer to suggest a more straightforward game that parents and children can play together. Before making bookings, check the room’s guidelines and speak with the game provider for more clarity.