5 Tips To Make Your Weekend Getaway Extra Special

Weekend getaways make more sense than extended vacations in pandemic times. They are cost-effective as you have to spend less on accommodation, food, and transit. You can travel by road, which is inherently safe with the virus still being around. Moreover, you can explore more options and plan on short notice. Despite being closer to home, weekend trips don’t need not be less exciting than exotic holidays. You can do your bit to make them extra special. Here are some actionable tips worth trying.

Try a new destination

Try a new destination

The best way to add the fun element to weekend getaways is by exploring new places. Think beyond the popular ones and uncover the hidden gems. The great thing about taking road trips is that you have the freedom to travel without an itinerary. Just get a map, turn on the music, and embark on an adventure. But make sure you get the facts about safety en route and at the destination.

Plan with your clan

Traveling with your clan is another good way to make weekend getaways more exciting. You can plan a vacation with your family, extended family, or best buddies. Choose a group of like-minded people you feel happy with, and you can have the best time, even on a short holiday. Ensure everyone is on the same page with planning, such as the route, accommodation, and budgets. Last-minute confusions can spoil a short trip, so clarity is essential when traveling with a group.

Plan with your clan

Maximize relaxation

Avoid trying to fit too much into your weekend vacation, as it will only stress you out. Prioritize relaxation while driving and at the destination. Take turns driving, and carry your cannabis to have a good time on reaching. But remember to check whether it is legal at your destination. Pack your stash discreetly and choose a compact portable device like Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 vaporizer. You can check Mind Vapes deals to gear up for the holiday. Choose a 420-friendly accommodation, and follow the rules while vaping.

Extend a bit

Stretching your weekend even a bit can make the getaway more exciting. Try planning a four-day trip by adding Thursday night and Tuesday morning to the trip. You can drive at night if you feel confident enough. This way, you get the feel of an extended vacation on a weekend budget. Just choose the apt route and place, and you can utilize the extra hours for a great trip. Pick near-home options to cut down transportation time.

Extend your vacation

Make memories

A great getaway is about making incredible memories, so do your bit to create them. Carry your camera or click pictures with your cell phone. But stay off social media and post the pictures only on returning. Pick fun activities while you are there. Play with kids, romance with your partner, and spend more time outdoors. Anything that makes you happy is worth adding to your treasure chest of memories!

Treat a weekend getaway as a vacation to make the most out of it. Nothing gets better than enjoying your break, no matter how short and inexpensive it is.