River Wilderness Waterfront Cabins Everglades City

Located in the Everglades City, isolated deep inside Florida, River Wilderness is a secluded group of cabins that offer a total disconnection from the outer world, a fantastic accommodation option for those seeking a serene and immersive experience in the heart of the Everglades.

When I arrived to the city (Everglades City), one of the things that surprised me the most is the fact that there are no traffic lights over there. A calm and small town, surrounded by water that will bring you the peace even if you weren’t looking for it.  The resort itself, nestled along the peaceful Barron River and although not luxurious, offer and cozy atmosphere, a dock with breathtaking views and direct access to the water.

If you are looking for some kayak or fishing adventures, to spot some animals or even just some days to get away from the city, this is the place.

Each of the villas have a screened in porch overlooking Lake Placid, surrounded by lush sub-tropical vegetation. Manatees can be spotted outside the cabins! Also, the hotel is pet friendly, in case you want to bring your pet.

The city, with its friendly locals, who prefer a slower approach to life and to live closer to nature, and its unique delicacies (like gator) is a must if you are in your quest to discover Florida.