Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel and Resort


Although I love to travel and leave feedback on my experiences, whether it is dining or accommodations, I don’t usually go out of my way to leave a review or write a post for a hotel, but I gotta do it with Glunz.

Located in Key Colony in the Florida Keys, Glunz is not big neither luxurious (in my opinion), but the vibe of the place has no comparison and they offer everything you could ask for a dreamy vacation. Apartments are clean and fully equipped, and the amenities include jacuzzi, pool, one market, restaurant, private beach, and kayak and paddle board available. It already sounds like heaven, but that place is much more than that.

Waterfront villas overlooking the ocean and beach.

Maybe is the fact that you can hear the sound of the waves from your room, or that everybody is extremely friendly and accommodating, or just the little details and the effort they put to offer their guests with a perfect vacation.

One of the most pleasant details for me, is that they offer both ground coffee and a grinder in the room, so you can make fresh coffee every morning. I never encountered this in any other place I have ever visited. They also include a chocolate bar and a prosecco bottle with your reservation, waiting for you in the room upon arrival.

The hotel is peaceful and relaxing, you feel like you are melting into the beach sand. Their restaurant is great too, featuring tasty dishes accompanied by locals and live music on Saturdays.

Not located on the main Keys road (actually, 10 minutes away from it), I found this resort by accident, but will completely recommended to anybody looking for some disconnection and a relaxing experience.

Would give this hotel 10 stars if I could.

If you want to book or check them out, just visit their website:

Glunz Hotel and Resort