Coolest Airlines Amenity Kits in 2020

Besides gourmet food, signature drinks, attentive services and more comfortable chairs, some airlines offer an amenity kit, a branded goodie bag with products that you could need on the flight when you travel a long-haul flight on business or first class, some even economy. They are meant to be memorable and enhance the passenger’s experience, and that’s why airlines compete to offer the best products, with the most unique and innovative designs. These are our favorites:

There is no surprise that Emirates offers the most luxurious amenity kit of all. The airline paired with the italian house of Bulgari, creating unique and high end bags with different designs for both men and women. They come with all the usual items like toothbrush and toothpaste, but many unique other additions like deodorant, gillette foam plus razor for men with moisturizers and aftershaves by Bvlgari, and hand lotion, Eau Perfume Au, a nourishing face emulsion and mirror by Bvlgari for women.

One of Taiwan’s most famous airlines, Eva has partnered with luxury brands like Rimowa and Ferragamo to create unique and eye-catching amenity kits for its passengers. They include eye mask, socks, hairbrush, cloth for glasses, earplugs, toothbrush and toothpaste and skincare essentials.

Finnair partnered with Marimekko to create its amenity kits, featuring iconic retro and glamorous designs create by Maija Isola, which change every 6 months. Every kit comes with products from LA Bruket, a swedish organic skincare brand, including an almond-coconut lip cream, facial hydration lotion, eye mask with soft-touch fabric, ear plugs and a sustainable toothbrush made with bio-plastic.

China Airlines is changing the game with its multi-functional travel bag by The North Face, looking more like an outdoor gear pouch than an airplane bag. Offered to both Business and Premium economy classes, the water resistant bag is available in black and red, and it comes with toothbrush, toothpaste, eye mask, ear plugs, skin care products by Laneige and hair oil from Moroccan oil.

Qatar Airways

Designed by the italian luxury brand Bric, Qatar’s amenity kits come in a luxurious and stylish leather bag, with different designs for both men and women. They are offered to first and business class passengers, containing lip balm, facial mist and anti-aging lotion from Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio, socks, earplugs and eye mask. Women kits come in black and red and men’s in mustard and navy. The final touch is a Bric luggage tag.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is offering no less but a Versace designed first class kit, the first time an italian luxury brand makes something of this kind. The kit comes in a variety of colors and sizes, containing Versace skincare products as well as a eau de toilette. They also have a special cloud-shaped kit for children, which contains socks, slippers, headphones, eye mask, toothbrush and children toothpaste.

Available to First class passengers, Air France amenity kits offers a stylish leather box design, including cosmetics like make-up remover, mist lotion, ultra-nourishing oil and body treatment by Carita, in addition to an eye mask, pen, earplugs and a hair comb. It comes in french grey and iced mocha colors.

American Airlines offers a stylish leather amenity kit, that includes top-notch products in partnership with many skin care brands, offered to travelers of international First & Business Class. Although the colors and styles of the bag may vary, all of them come with the same products: Dental kit, body and face lotion, eye mask, socks, earplugs, mouthwash, pen, tissues and mints. The leather bag was designed by This is Ground brand, and the products from Allies of skin and Baxter of California.

KLM’s amenity kit was designed by one of the most famous dutch designers, Jan Taminiau. The kits come in a clutch-like wallet or small bag, with different designs, allowing customer to reuse it for different occasions. The kit includes all of the basics you would need for a long haul flight, including eye mask, ear plugs, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste and skin care products.

Qantas’ amenity kit is not just adding a value to its business class but promoting Australia’s culture in the process. The airline partnered with some Australian artist and photographers to be featured on their kit, that includes hand cream, lip balm and face moisturizer by Aurora Spa eye mask, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, earplugs and socks. First class also comes with a pouch, hairbrush and night recovery cream.