Located in Lincoln Road on Miami Beach, Juvia is an upscale Fusion-Asian-Latin fusion restaurant, that offers not just amazing views of the area but gourmet and creative dishes as well. Although a little pricey, the dining experience is incredible and the mix of flavors is very unique.

Juvia Miami Dining

You can dine or have drinks, while enjoying the atmosphere and the excellent music. Juvia is renowned for its innovative blend of French, Japanese, and Peruvian flavors, creating a menu that is both diverse and enticing, and for their great duck-shaped drinks. Their interior is charming, featuring a stunning vertical garden that adds a touch of natural beauty to the ambiance.

Whether you choose to dine indoors or on the expansive outdoor terrace, the panoramic views of Miami Beach and the city skyline are simply breathtaking.

I would advise you arrive early and with a reservation. The place is usually crowded, and there is a chance you might need to wait before entering. Be also aware of the prices, they are high.

Juvia Miami Beach Dining