Kangaroos in Australia

Is very hard to picture Australia without kangaroos. They are very famous and the most well-known Australian animal. There are approximately 27 million kangaroos in Australia (more than australian people)!

Kangaroos belong to the Macropodidae family “Big foot”, and are the largest marsupials on earth. They are also very fast, able to reach speeds of 37 miles per hour (60kph); and have a very good sight and hearing.

One of the things they are most famous about are their pouches, where they put their baby kangaroos (joeys) to develop and suckle.

Cool Fact: Kangaroos can’t move backwards. That’s one of the reason why they are featured on the Australian car, showing the national process (moving forward).

Where to see kangaroos in Australia


Canberra, the capital of Australia, has the highest concentration of kangaroos in the country. Is uncommon not to see a kangaroo in here!

Namadgi National Park and Tidbinbilla National Park are the best places to spot them! (except for the Government’s house).

Kangaroo Island

This one was pretty obvious right? As it name says, Kangaroo island is filled with kangaroos!
Located in South Australia, the island is mostly protected, comprised by national and conservation parks in its majority.

Kangaroos have plenty space to roam in here, and you can spot them easily in any of the parks that comprise the island: Lathami Conservation Park, Flinders Chase National Park, and Grassdale in Kelly Hill Conservation Park.

Murramarang National Park

The Murramarang National Park is located on the New South Wales coast, and is surrounded by kangaroo hotspots. Kangaroos love to be in open spaces chewing grass, and you can find these areas all over the park, it won’t be hard to spot one!

You can also find grey kangaroos on the beaches at night, where they like to laze on the sand. Check the Pebbly and Pretty beaches!

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

This Sanctuary is located in Tasmania, operating the largest wildlife rescue service in the state. They are scattered all over the place, you can walk amongst kangaroos and feed them directly. A must do experience if traveling to Australia.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

This Sanctuary is located on Queensland Gold Coast, home to a large number of red and grey kangaroos. Just as in Bonorong, you can feed and pet the kangaroos.

Lucky Bay

Lucky bay is located in Cape Le Grand National Park, just by the beach. Kangaroos love to laze on the sand, where you will be able to find them.

Woodlands Historic Park

As Woodland is located right outside the Melbourne’s Airport, you can even see them from the heights! The 1,729 acres (700-hectares) park has a lot of space for them to roam freely, as well as their little cousins the wallabies.