Located in the north of Haiti, Labadee is a port resort known for its lush jungles and beautiful beaches. The resort has an exclusive contract with Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Cruises until 2050, which makes it an exclusive destination.

It is ideal for both looking for relax or some adrenaline fun. Once the hidden gems of the Caribbean, there is so much to do you will never get bored.

Longest Zipline

Labadee is famous for having one of the world’s longest zip lines over water, the Dragon Flight Line. Enjoy the incredible views 500 feet above the ground as you zip down more than 2,600 feet.

Arawak Aqua Park

Home to the only iceberg in the Caribbean, the Arawak Aqua Park also features floating trampolines, waterslides and a rolling log. The 300 feet water slide is by far the most famous, an adrenaline adventure.


Labadee is filled with adrenaline fun activities like The Dragon’s Tail Coaster, one of the most exciting things to do in the resort, a roller coaster overlooking the coast at 30 miles per hour.

Nellie’s Beach

A relax beach close to the port, perfect to relax, take a kayak trip or just enjoy some sun.

Paradise Cove

Just a boat trip away, Paradise cove will allow you relax, enjoy the sun, the views of the ocean and learn about Haitian culture of the nearby villages.


Enjoy a secluded sandbar in the middle of the Caribbean ocean.


Labadee offers a lot of water sports to keep you entertained. From Jet Ski to kayak and canoeing to snorkeling and fishing.

Although Haiti it is not precisely the safest place in the world, Labadee feels like another country, for the most part. It’s crime levels are way lower than the rest of the country, however is it recommended to exercise common sense