Explore Niche Travel Communities to Up Your Personal or Business Travel

Whether planning a personal vacation or a business trip, the idea of travel can be daunting. This is especially true if you identify with a group that has been excluded from mainstream travel or that may require special safety considerations.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at four of these travel niches: solo travel, female travel, black travel, and over age 65 travel.

Niche Travel Communities: Our Top Picks

Do you identify with one of the following niche travel communities? You’re not alone. You can “find your tribe” and travel comfortably with groups that minimize the uncertainties of travel domestically and abroad.

There is also a tribe that we call “nomads”; and although will not be covering them here, let’s just say these are individual who can enjoy the most flexible advantages of travelling, thanks to their remote jobs. If you are hoping to secure a job that will allow you to travel more, you can learn how to build your own resume.

1. Solo Travel

Have you ever wanted to travel to a specific location – perhaps internationally – but couldn’t find a suitable traveling companion? There is a growing movement towards solo travel. We’re not just talking singles cruises here. Proponents of solo travel say that it can open the door to understanding yourself, dealing with difficult emotions, and even expanding your career. You’ll find that the solo travel community is rife with tips on how to travel safely while alone and even make a few friends along the way.

If you don’t have a travel buddy but aren’t quite ready to go on your own, many travel agencies arrange group tours for solo travelers. In other words, they find your travel companions for you.

2. Female Travel

Single women may worry about the dangers of traveling alone, or simply the annoyance of getting hit on in an airplane, restaurant, or bar. Female travel communities like She Is Wanderlust are there to help. Some travel agencies plan female-only group tours so that women can relax and see the world in a protected environment. Such tours also provide an escape from the prospective pressures of dating. Female travel seeks to empower women to grow, both personally and in their careers.

Another advantage of female travel is supporting women-owned businesses, including wineries, restaurants, and other attractions. Some tours also focus on understanding the lives and challenges of women in other cultures.

3. Black Travel

Historically, some Black Americans have felt limited in their travel options by systemic racism. For example, various locations in the American South are still remembered for past acts of racial violence.

The Black travel community is there to change that and introduce members of the diaspora to amazing travel opportunities. Websites like Travel Noire offer information tailored to the Black community, including travel groups, itineraries, and exposés on modern inequities. Popular travel plans include visiting Black-owned businesses and attractions.

Other groups seek to introduce individuals to new and exciting activities. For example, Diving with a Purpose focuses on scuba diving excursions that shed new light on Black history by retrieving artifacts from sunken slave ships and Tuskegee Airmen planes. Black Girls Hike seeks to increase diversity on outdoor trails and create an environment in which everyone feels safe while engaging in this activity.

4. Age 65-plus Travel

As we age, some aspects of travel may become more daunting. For example, walking long distances may no longer be possible, or navigating busy train stations or airport terminals may seem more intimidating.

But don’t despair – retirement remains a great time to travel. Many seniors find that after retirement, they finally have the time to do things they’ve always wanted. The 65-plus travel community is there to help.

The senior travel community has several niches within itself. One is senior RV life. Some retirees enjoy using RVs, vans, or campers to engage in slow travel – vacationing in a single location for weeks or months at a time. This allows the traveler to really get to know a place and experience it as a local would. In addition to online resources, seniors may meet like-minded travelers at campgrounds and attractions.

Another sub-niche is senior adventure travel. Cruises, as well as group tours of museums, historic sites, and natural wonders are often part of the itinerary. Groups may be arranged to fit various levels of physical stamina and accessibility needs. The travel is also paced to allow for needed rest or breaks.

In Conclusion

You can utilize niche travel communities with which you identify to increase your enjoyment of personal and business travel. Common niche communities include solo travel, women-only travel, black travel, and senior or age 65-plus travel. You will gain confidence, make new friends, and perhaps even discover useful business networking opportunities.