Getting from Hvar to Dubrovnik

Located between central and east Europe, Croatia is a mediterranean country filled with history and natural wonders. It has become a popular destination and there is no doubt why. Its capital, Zagreb, is not the only place that should be on your list. The country also features breathtaking destinations like Dubrovnik, often called the pearl of the Adriatic, thanks to its medieval architecture and beautiful views and Hvar, an idyllic island with sunny weather, beautiful beaches and the only place in the world with 4 UNESCO heritage sites.

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Preferred Transportation: Ferry Hvar to Dubrovnik

Hvar to Dubrovnik

If you are planning on visiting both places when going to Croatia (and we definitely encourage you to do so), the high speed ferry (Krilo) from Hvar to Dubrovnik would be your best option. Fast and convenient, the ride takes just 3 hours, allowing guests to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Adriatic inside a cabin with Air conditioned. The ferry departs from Dubrovnik Pier to the the harbor of Hvar, passing the islands of Vis, Pakleni, Mljet, Sipan and Korcula, where you will make a stop.

Please be aware that bad weather conditions might affect the schedule.

You could also take a ferry or Catamaran from Split, or just drive across the bridges that connect the island with mainland, located in Split and Drvenik. You can take a flight, ferry or a train to these locations, but there you would have to take a bus or a taxi to get to Hvar.

St Stephen Cathedral Hvar Croatia

Best things to do in Hvar:

1 – Visit St Stephen’s Cathedral

A historic monument of Hvar, St Stephen’s Cathedral was built in the early 17th century (the first cathedral of the island), on top of a small church that dated back to the 9th century,. History can be found everywhere on its walls, a Baroque style icon that tells the ancient origins of the town.

2- Hvarska pjaca

Located outside the Cathedral, St Stephen Square, or Hvarska pjaca is the main center of the city public and social life, filled with cafes and restaurants, an excellent place to enjoy the city and meet some people. All the streets of the island will lead you here.

3- Spanjola Fortress

Hvar’s Venetian Fort, also known as Spanjola, is one of the top attractions of the city. Its strategic location on top of a 100 m hill offers amazing views of the island, as well as some insight into the history of the island.

4- Pakleni Islands

Just a water taxi away, this uninhabited archipelago offers serene crystal clear waters, that in addition to its deserted beaches, provides the perfect environment to relax and escape from the city buzz.

5- Dubovica

One of the best beaches in the island, Dubovica is pebble beach located on a cove, offering serene blue waters, a relaxed environment and a couple eateries. A beautiful place for swimming and lounging.

Pakleni Islands

Best things to do in Dubrovnik:

Also known as the Pearl of the Adriatic or King’s Landing (Yes, Dubrovnik is actually King’s Landing from Game of thrones), Dubrovnik is a seaside town, famous for its beautiful views, medieval architecture and unique charm. The town itself is not big and can be seen in one day, but you would want to stay more than that. Whether you are staying one day or one month, these are our favorite things to do in Dubrovnik:

1- Walk the Dubrovnik Walls:

Dubrovnik is completely surrounded by walls and forts, built through time and dating back to the middle ages, when Dubrovnik was a Republic. This unique experience takes approximately two hours to walk, offering spectacular views of the Sea, the rugged green mountains and the old town.

Dubrovnik Croatia
Dubrovnik Old Town

2- Visit the Old Town

Filled with cozy restaurants, small shops, churches, markets and palaces, Dubrovnik Old town is one of the most perfectly preserved medieval cities in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Besides historical sightseeing, the city’s vibe is vibrant and well alive, with summer festivals and outdoor cultural events.

3- Cable Car:

Looking for some breathtaking views? Say no more. Take a ride on the cable car and enjoy the panoramic views of the old city, the Adriatic Coast and the numerous islands. The best views of the city and the surrounding areas from the top of the Srd Hill.

4- Explore the Lovrijenac Fort:

A magnificent historical monument, the fort is a must for all the game of thrones fans, the filming site of the show, more specifically King Joffrey’s name day tournament. The site also offers great views, specially at sunset.

5- Wine and food:

Just like anywhere else in Croatia, the food in Dubrovnik is something else. Sample some Montenegrin wine with a cheese platter, or try some fresh seafood to indulge your palate.