Driving Around Australia: 8 Road Trip Tips for A Safe And Comfortable Drive

Australia is quite a large country and evidently, there is much to see whether you are exploring the east coast or the west coast. You also have the option to traverse the country by going through the middle. There’s no doubt that the beauty of Australia lies in its unique culture, vast beaches, unforgettable landscapes, and its spectacular and iconic outback. And one of the ways to fully experience its grandeur is to get into your wheels and start planning your next road trip adventure.

Whether you are already used to taking long drives or a beginner and want to take the challenge, it’s important to plan your road trip carefully. Moreover, if you are new to Australia or just taking a vacation, there are essential factors that need to be considered. On that account, read on to learn the important road trip guidelines.

1. Always carry a spare key with you

Knowing that you have a spare key with you brings relief and peace of mind, especially during long travels. When you spend most of the day on the road, it’s easy to misplace or drop your keys while stopping for gas or food. This situation can quickly turn your adventure into a complete disaster, leaving you stressed and frustrated instead of enjoying your road trip.

Furthermore, it can be particularly dangerous when traveling at night or in remote areas with limited access to assistance. Therefore, it is always wise to keep a spare key in your bag, phone case, or wallet. In instances where you don’t have access to a spare key, you can easily find a local locksmith to create a new key for you.

2. Do your research for a local locksmith service and road assistance

Driving across Australia offers a thrilling experience due to its natural wonders. However, it’s important to be prepared for any road issues that may arise. For instance, your car door locks may become damaged or the locking mechanism dysfunctional. In such tight situations, you’ll need the assistance of a mobile locksmith to rescue you. The good news is that Australia has access to locksmith professionals nationwide. If you’re driving in NSW, you can easily find help from Keyside Locksmith Services to get you back on the road promptly.

Similarly, road assistance can be a lifesaver during unexpected car breakdowns. Experiencing a breakdown in the middle of nowhere can be daunting and terrifying. Therefore, it’s wise to sign up for road assistance services to ensure you have support during emergencies.

3. Download offline map directions

While the internet makes it easy to look up map directions online, the stability of reception may not always meet your expectations. There will be areas where reception is limited or nonexistent, which can significantly interfere with your adventure. Therefore, it is wise to download map directions or utilize an offline GPS to ensure you reach your destination seamlessly.

4. Avoid driving at night

Driving at night can be tempting for various reasons, such as the desire to reach your destination quickly. However, it can be highly dangerous. Many wild and farmed animals tend to wander across the road unexpectedly, catching you off guard. This risk is exacerbated by limited visibility during nighttime.

Furthermore, animals like kangaroos, which are attracted to light, pose a significant threat due to their large size and the potential for severe damage to your vehicle. Additionally, kangaroos and other nocturnal animals are highly active during the night or at sunrise. It is essential to stay vigilant for animal crossing signs and reduce your speed accordingly.

5. Carry the right tools and supplies

Carrying the appropriate tools and supplies is crucial for ensuring a comfortable and convenient driving experience. Never embark on a journey without emergency essential kits, food, and water. It is also recommended to have tools such as a satellite phone and a flashlight on hand to assist you in emergency situations.

If you are planning to drive across the outback, you have to carry with you a lot of water because the temperature might reach 50 degrees.

6. Check weather and road conditions ahead of time

Australia is known to experience bushfires, thus, before heading out, it is best to regularly check for road conditions. Furthermore, Australia is also known to have extreme weather, which could easily change anytime. You could be caught in between flooding or bush fires.

To ensure a safe and fulfilling road trip, it is advisable to access the details provided on the websites of each state. Acquiring knowledge about the climate in advance will help you prevent accidents. It is important to gather important information such as road closures, warnings, and necessary vehicle requirements.

7. Choose a vehicle that suits your needs

Fortunately, it does not take a 4WD to drive across Australia, however, for extra safety precaution, it is wise to invest in one. For roads less travelled, you need a 4wd to access these hidden spots.

Some roads in Australia are sandy and corrugated gravel, and this can’t be traversed by normal cars. However, to make your road trip comfortable, you can choose the type of vehicle that really suits your needs.

8. Invest in solar power setup

Carrying a solar power apparatus along with backup batteries is equally important. With these supplies, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery or being unable to charge your gadgets. Being in the wilderness can be made more comfortable if you have an ample power supply to charge your cameras, laptops, and phones, allowing you to marvel at the wonders of Australia.

Driving across the beautiful landscapes of Australia and experiencing its iconic landmarks, and hidden gem attractions isl worth it. As long as you are prepared, follow the road rules and have contingency plans, your road trip will be unforgettable.