Mohammed Youssef

The most knowledgeable guide in Egypt

Dr-Mohamed Youssef Ali

This year, hitting the big 3-0, I thought, “Why not shake things up?” So, off I went on this epic adventure to Jordan and Egypt.

Egypt stands tall among the world’s most visited countries, boasting an incredible culture that spans millennia. The country attracts around 11.7 million tourists (2021-2022 numbers) each year, and it’s no surprise why. The Egyptian landscapes, history, and attractions are just so different from what I had known, but spectacular, to say the least. It was both an exciting and culturally rich trip, although the difference in social classes was somewhat shocking for me, leaving me with a bittersweet feeling upon my departure.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about Dr. Mohamed Youssef Ali, the guy who made my trip. Youssef was my guide for the first tour, and we connected so well that we became friends. I ended up joining him for some other tours.

The way tour guides operate in Egypt is that you get both a driver and a guide if you’re traveling alone. Most Egyptian guides hold university degrees specializing in Egyptian history and possess a Tourist Guide Certification. Youssef studied Egyptology, and he’s incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and charismatic. He effortlessly navigated me through Egypt’s entire history, from the pyramids to the dynasties and beyond.

He offers a variety of tours, ranging from day trips to the pyramids in Cairo to comprehensive 5-7 day all-inclusive tours across Egypt, covering locations like Luxor, Aswan, and many more.

I’m leaving his contact information below in case you want to reach out to him directly.

Dr-Mohamed Youssef Ali

Side Note: Please keep in mind that Egypt is a very poor country, and as tourists, it’s customary to leave tips separately for both the driver and the tour guide. Egypt’s economic situation is complex, and what they earn is often insufficient to sustain them. Your generosity in tipping is deeply appreciated, as tips are their primary source of income. I made the mistake of assuming a single tip split between them suffices, but this isn’t the case. Avoid my blunder and tip separately to support them adequately.

Dr-Mohamed Youssef Ali

Dr-Mohamed Youssef Ali

+20 112 779 9661