Traveling and blogging during Covid-19

traveling during covid

What we are experiencing nowadays is something that is going to change the world forever. What we worry the most about the situation is not the situation itself, because I’m hopeful (almost certain) there is a solution for everything including a pandemic, whether is vaccine, quarantine or common sense. But is the uncertainty what keeps me from booking my next flight or planning my new destination.

The situation is notoriously getting better, as there are some countries lifting their quarantines and easing the restrictions, but no one know for sure when all this is gonna stop and what the world is gonna look like afterwards. It will probably take years for the industry to recover, as nearly 10% of the world population is unemployed due to Covid. I’m almost sure certain regulations are gonna change a little bit after, at least for a period of time. People will be cautious when traveling, as no one wants to get sick or to cause harm on their loved ones.

Although we know this is not the right moment to travel but to stay home with our loved ones, we have decided to keep posting travel inspiration, as it is good to remember there is always something to look forward too, as things will get better.

We might not be able to book that flight now, but we can look at inspiration and decide where we want to go, where we want to stay, enjoy the time with our family, learn that thing we have always wanted, finally learn how to cook and so forth.

Greetings to everybody from Florida, stay home and stay safe.