7 Places you must visit in the United States

Deciding where to go in America can be a challenging task, given the abundance of diverse cities and attractions to choose from. From the vibrant hotspots of New York to the enchanting cherry blossoms of Washington, here are some of the top U.S. cities that everyone should strive to visit in their lifetime.

New York

New York City

The statue of Liberty, the Empire state building, and Times Square, between others, are for sure on every traveler’s bucket list. However, there are few other attractions to visit in New York City, also called the “Big Apple”.

Do not miss the leisure walk on the High lane, which features artworks, greenery, and beautiful skyline views. The latest musician’s Theatre District and Broadway biases and an eye-catcher for the art lovers. The city of New York is rich in historical sites such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, and the Frick Collection.

Greenwich Village, Washington Square, and Rockefeller Center are other spots you should not miss, and let’s not forget Central Park and the Grand Central Terminal.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to celebrities and Hollywood icons. When researching the top-rated hotel online, you will notice L.A.’s famous beaches like Santa Monica and Malibu are on the list.

While visiting Los Angeles, do not forget to sample the Rodeo Drive, Tour Beverly Hills, and take a long walk on the beachfront of Venice. When planning your trip to the United States, make sure to explore the iconic landmarks of Los Angeles and discover the diverse neighborhoods with attractive homes for sale in Los Angeles.


Chicago is also known as the “Second City,” closely following New York in population and size.  Its activities, such as baseball at Wrigley field, can easily rival L.A. and New York.

The Skydeck is one of the most popular attractions in the city, as well as the Millenium Park (where the Cloud Gate, aka “The Bean.” is located), and let’s not forget the Navy Pier and the Riverwalk.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States. It has miles of Monuments and Museums which are mainly free to visit, one of the reasons why Washington is one of the most visited city in the country.

Washington is the perfect place to learn about America’s history. Sites to visit are the White House; George Washington’s plantation; Ford’s Theater, where Abraham Lincoln was shot; and the National Museum of African-American History and Culture, among other attraction sites.

Famously known cherry blossoms are usually in full bloom from late March to early April in the Tidal Basin. Also, monuments such as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Vietnam Veterans memorials.

When planning your journey through the United States, be sure to visit the historic landmarks of Washington DC and explore the vibrant neighborhoods with enticing homes for sale in Washington DC.

Washington Cherry Blossoms

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is notorious for casinos, and everyone goes there to take a chance on their luck. However, Las Vegas also has world-class shopping areas, blockbuster shows, and top-tier restaurants. All these make Las Vegas a great selection of top travel destinations.

While in Vegas, take a tour of the MGM Grand, Planet Hollywood, or walk through the Neon Museum. You know why everyone says, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?” Well, there is only one way to find out.

North Carolina

With its stunning mountains, vibrant cities, and pristine beaches, a trip to North Carolina could last a lifetime. There are many outdoor sites when one plans tourism in North Carolina.

Whether you visit the tallest living sand dune on the Atlantic coast, enjoy America’s Favorite Scenic Drive by the Blue Ridge Parkway, explore its interesting museums or hike the Grandfather Mountain State Park, there is something for everyone.

When planning your travels in the United States, don’t miss exploring the scenic beauty and the charming homes for sale in North Carolina.

North Caroline