Top 5 Things To Do Near Burj Khalifa

The Worlds’ tallest building, the Burj Khalifa is a place that can captivate with multiple factors other than its height. This engineering marvel is the pride of not only Dubai but of the United Arab Emirates. The staggering 828 meters of height which is almost thrice the height of the Eiffel Tower makes it an impressive building. When you are touring Dubai, you might want to explore more of it in the close proximity of the Burj Khalifa. In this article, we will talk about what more you can explore near Burj Khalifa.

You may start your journey of exploration by visiting the building itself, you can book the tickets online and you might also get some Burj Khalifa tickets offers, depending on the time and season you are booking. Once you are done with the building visit you can now explore the nearby locations. Let’s check what are some of the best things to do near Burj Khalifa.

Watch the Water Dance

Located on an 8-acre plot of land, the Dubai Fountain shows off the greatest choreography in the world. It is situated in downtown Dubai on Burj Khalifa Lake. Dubai Mall opened with a fountain system as well, and is an integral part of it. During the show, the fountain can be seen from up to 20 miles away due to its unique design. There are five circles and two arcs comprising the design of this magnificent water monument. There are 83 thousand liters of water shot out of each powerful nozzle at a height of 500 feet. Viewers are allowed to get close to the action up to 9 meters. Another fun feature of the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride is the ability for spectators to experience the show from traditional Abra boats on Burj Lake. Every day, at least one show is held, and there is no admission charge for spectators.

Dine with a view

In Dubai, restaurants near Burj Khalifa attract visitors as much as or more than the monument itself. If you’re visiting Dubai you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the wide selection of restaurants available. You are sure to leave with a lasting impression of its delicacies and all of its attractions. There are countless restaurants and cafes scattered throughout, from high-end establishments to little cafes. You will likely be perplexed by some of the best restaurants like COYA Dubai or Hutong Dubai and Armani, and let’s not forget Dubai in the Sky, a restaurant that serves your foot 165 feet above the ground, while enjoying the views of the city and the gulf.

Shop 'til you drop

A mall in Dubai is more than just a regular shopping mall; they cater to all your wants and needs. As a result of Dubai’s glamour and heritage, the city is visited by over 16 million tourists each year. Shopping in Dubai is another common activity everyone has on their bucket list. It is safe to say that Dubai has many shopping malls that are sure to fulfill all your shopping desires. As a result, almost all Dubai malls have a unique, enticing quality to them. There is something for everyone here, from clothing to accessories to home decor to precious jewelry. Visitors can enjoy various amenities at the Dubai Mall, including the Aquarium, Underwater Zoo, and Virtual Reality Park, as well as luxury shopping. Dubai’s biggest themed shopping mall, however, is Ibn Battuta Mall.

Get your game on

A trip to Dubai can easily be planned around just visiting its theme parks, as it has some of the biggest in the world. The VR Theme Park, located inside the Dubai Mall, near the Burj Khalifa, is one such exciting theme park. This technology-driven theme park features exciting Virtual Reality (VR) as well as Augmented Reality (AR). Virtual reality theme park VR Park Dubai Mall gives you the chance to escape from the hassles of everyday life into a world where you can experience breathtaking adventures and extraordinary places in a virtual environment.

Stroll around Burj Park

A popular leisure attraction in Downtown Dubai, Burj Park is alive with live music concerts, food truck festivals, and art shows during the cool winter months. There is a bridge that connects this island with beautiful Burj Lake, sometimes referred to as Dubai Fountain Lake. At night, the park lights up with cube-shaped lights that allow you to catch a glimpse of the Dubai Fountain. If you would like to jog, the park’s running track is perfect for it.