A Traveler’s Look at Bonaire

A Traveler’s Look at Bonaire: An Island with Amazing Beaches

Sunshine and glistening water. Sandy shores and limestone cliffs. Vivid corals and shipwrecks. The small island of Bonaire has all these and more.

Nestled about 50 miles north off the coast of Venezuela and south of the larger islands in the Caribbean is Bonaire’s 111 square miles of beauty. Here, we explore some of the sandy and sunny wonders of Bonaire.

Diving in Bliss

Crystal-clear water and unparalleled marine views await one in the “Shore Diving Capital of the World”. There are more than 85 dive sites directly accessible from the shore that attract novice and expert divers internationally. A wide shallow reef shelf surrounding Bonaire protects the shores from large waves and creates calming, clear waters optimal for diving. The island’s pristine reef environment is renowned as the best in the Caribbean, and is a result of passionate conservation and sustainability efforts. The 6,000 acres of water around the island is a marine sanctuary named the Bonaire National Marine Park.

The majority of the beaches in Bonaire have access to splendid diving vistas. One can walk down to 1,000 Steps beach with its coral-stone sand and limestone overlooks to see star coral formations or marvel at over 300 species of fish at the number one site for fish diversity at Bari Reef. Shipwreck seekers hold their breaths for the sunken beauties magnificently coated with different coral and sponge such as the Hesper, the Tug Wreck, the Cooper Barge, or the infamous Hilma Hooker.

Private Paradise

Lazy sun-soaked days beckon to the weary at Bonaire’s sandy beaches and turquoise waters. A collector’s sense of fulfillment can be felt from experiencing the activities and nuances in the beaches of Bonaire: meditating on the soft sands of Te Amo Beach, horseback-riding in the calm waters of La Cai, lounging in the natural pools at Boka Kokolishi, watching thousands of flamingos from Pink Beach.

Bonaire remains relatively undiscovered in comparison to the neighboring Caribbean islands, and the island population seems intimate at 24,000. Thus, Bonaire entices more those who seek a more tranquil travel experience and small island life. While a handful of luxury hotels and the multitude of private tour companies dot the island, adventurers and solo travelers have been known to explore by themselves and are welcomed by warmth and smiles from the locals. The luxury villas in Bonaire provide sought-after privacy and fantastic amenities not to mention lots are in close proximity to the best beaches on the island.

Go with the Current

The underwater beauty of the islands in the Caribbean, such as The Bahamas or the Dominican Republic can be the perfect stress reliever. Bonaire is no exception. Serene swims, colorful snorkeling sights, and opportunities for underwater photos await snorkelers and divers beyond the white sands of Eden Beach, down the staircase at Bachelor’s Beach, or at low-tide in Wayaka 2.

One beach that entices snorkel explorers is the No Name Beach in the uninhabited island of Klein Bonaire. Hugged by the crescent formed by the main island, Klein Bonaire is perfect for a day trip. Chartered yachts or water taxis usher serenity seekers and savvy snorkelers. The boat cruises stop a short distance away from the beach for travelers to descend into the refreshing water and commence drift snorkeling. Aimlessly floating over corals teeming with fish as the soothing current carries one to shore is an experience to be had.

Wind and Water Thrills

Adventure-seekers head to Bonaire for picturesque and world-famous water sports destinations. Steady trade winds, butter-flat water, easy sandy beach access, and constant warm temperatures create ideal conditions for the vibrant watersports of windsurfing and kiteboarding.

Lac Bay in Bonaire is hailed as one of the top windsurfing locations in the world, while Atlantis in the south of Bonaire is one of the best spots for kiteboarding. Viewing azure water and sky dotted by colorful sails, kites, and boards are a regular sight. Novice, professionals, and freestylers cut, jump, and soar in glee as they ride gusts of wind and water. The island is claimed to grow and nurture windsurfers as a handful of international windsurf champions have come from Bonaire, and continue to train and impress at Lac Bay.

Unspoiled beauty, serene sights, and aquatic activities; this is still scratching the surface of what Bonaire offers. Bonaire is one small package that delivers big things. So, consider this an invitation to see more.