Europe's top cities for a winter workation

Dominated by Spain according to recent Holidu study

After months of extensive research, experts at have released a list of the best winter workation destinations in Europe. And the overall message is clear: Brits looking to enjoy a combination of work and play at the start of 2024 will want to visit Portugal or Spain.

The two countries take up all five spots on the list of best workation destinations in winter, which looks at a range of work and vacation-related elements. Here are the European cities highlighted by the holiday rental experts.


First on the shortlist of winter workation destinations in Europe is Porto. Despite modest internet speeds, there are still over 40 co-working spaces giving digital nomads plenty of places to work from. Meanwhile, the anticipated living costs are just €2,627.26 for three months and the cost of two beers is under €4. So, freelancers could work fewer hours.

Porto Cathedral, The Ribeira and other tourist attractions can be enjoyed over the weeks of your stay while the vibrant street culture, artwork, and local cuisine will take the vacation aspects to new heights too.


The Spanish capital is rated by Holidu as the fourth best winter workation location in Europe. There are almost 200 co-working spaces in the country’s most dominant business city while internet speeds of 133mbps are the best in Spain too. At €3,776.46, the living costs for three months aren’t the cheapest in Europe. Still, it is far more affordable than the UK.

Average temperatures are only 7°C but there is an average of 221 hours of sunlight per month. The city is home to stunning architecture while its spots, music, and fashion scenes are thriving. Public transport is very good too, allowing you to enjoy the adventure in style. As a winter workation bucket list destination, it’s easy to see why Madrid ranks so high. 


With an average temperature of 13.1°C throughout the period of December to March, as well as a monthly average of 192 hours of sunlight, Lisbon tops the list of winter workation destinations in Portugal and comes out third in Europe. Thanks to internet speeds of 114mbps and over 100 co-working locations, it supports productivity.

Once the working day is done, two pints will cost under €5 while there are plenty of sightseeing opportunities courtesy of the Belem Tower, Jeronimos Monastery, and more. While it’s not boiling at this time of the year, a trip to Praia de Carcavelos and other Lisbon beaches will deliver a perfect chance for weekend or evening relaxation.


The capital of Catalonia has long been a popular destination for British holiday makers thanks to the nearby beaches, historical landmarks, entertainment of Las Ramblas, and incredibly planned geometric street designs. While Barcelona’s Camp Nou Stadium is currently off the list, the city still has lots to offer as a European winter workation location.

Barcelona sees a monthly average of 246 sunlight hours at this time of the year while Holidu cites almost 200 co-woking spaces as a major selling point, not least because this is backed by high WiFi speeds. The living costs for three months are €3,480.66, which is still very affordable for British remote workers in far sunnier surroundings. 


After analysing the best workation destinations from around the world, Valencia stands out as the #1 place to be in Europe. The experts at Holidu conclude that the 250 sun hours and 12°C temperatures provide a pleasant foundation for enjoying the winter weather. Not least because the cost of living for three months is a modest €2,889.99. 

Situated on the coast, Valencia is the place to enjoy Spanish culture and Mediterranean flair this winter. Flights from the UK also take less than three hours while there are over 40 co-working spaces and decent internet speeds of 75mbps. For productivity and play, Valencia is an idyllic location. Sitting back with a €2 beer in the sun never looked better.