Best places to propose

Does your partner like to travel?? Why not propose in one of the most romantic and enchanting places? 

When it comes to romantic locations to pop the question, there are many places to take your relationship to the next level. Whether you want to cruise across oceans or travel around town, here’s a guide to picking the best places to propose to your sweetheart.

Cinque Terre best places to propose

Cinque Terre, Italy

Do you know those beautiful hillside settlements with views of the ocean that you see in images and on travel websites all over the place? Cinque Terre is a cluster of five tiny settlements on Italy’s western coast. Cinque Terre is a sought-after destination for young and old, daring and opulent tourists alike, making it a universally ideal location for a proposal!

Take a boat out on the lake, organize a romantic meal at an open-air eatery, or propose right on the beach; whatever the setting, you won’t be disappointed in one of Italy’s most stunning settings.

Santorini Greece best places to propose

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of the most romantic settings for a proposal, with a sea that glitters even more than the diamond on her finger. The Greeks like romance and festivity, and they preserve this white-washed island picture-perfect for visiting couples. Planning your proposal at Santorini will not disappoint you.

If your partner is a picture freak, you should take her here for a mind-blowing proposal.

Sunset Cliffs, California

Sunset Cliffs, California

California is a clear candidate in the sweepstakes for “Top Proposal Places,” but Sunset Cliffs, outside San Diego, is one site that just does not compare to others.

The year-round ideal weather makes this a perfect place for even winter proposals, and the vogue magnificent views of the brilliant blue Pacific Ocean is about as lovely as it gets! Because of its centralised location, it is very simple to hire a covert photographer to record the occasion.

Paris, Francia best places to propose

Paris, France

Also known as the city of love, the wording alone is enough to melt your heart, but popping the question in a genuinely famous setting — such as next to the Eiffel Tower or in front of the Louvre — is a narrative that will be told over and over again for the rest of your life.

Sitting down on your knee beneath the Arc de Triomphe or by the fairytale, tree-lined Medici Fountain are also good options!

Hot Balloon Proposal

Queenstown, New Zealand

A hot air balloon proposal is for the genuinely daring couple that appreciates combining two once-in-a-lifetime events into one spectacular adventure! Only a few places in the world can truly pull this off, and Queenstown is one of them.

The various sceneries of land, lakes, and mountains create a dreamlike mood two thousand feet in clear New Zealand air, especially before daybreak!