The Bahamas swimming pigs

The swimming pigs have become a bucket-list sensation for everybody who is visiting the Bahamas.

They are located in the waters of the Pig Beach, one of the 360 islands of the archipelago of the Exuma Islands, where they presumably appeared years ago. The island doesn’t have more than 1 mile in length, and in combination with a couple cats and goats, the pigs are the only inhabitants of the island.

Bahamas swimming pigs

Where do they come from?

Although no one knows for sure how they got there, as they are no native to the area and the cay where they are is uninhabited, there are a couple theories about it: one story says its owner put them on the vacant cay as they were taking the area around his house, another theory is that they were left by a group of sailors who planned to cook them later on, while some say they were survivors of a shipwreck.

But regardless of their precedence, they are an unique attraction you should experience by yourself. Nowadays there are around 20 pigs and adorable piglets on the unofficially named Pig Beach, who are fed by the residents and the tourists.

As you approach Pig Beach, you’ll be greeted by a sight that is both unusual and captivating. Playful and curious, the pigs eagerly swim out to meet incoming boats, hoping to receive tasty treats from visitors. The sight of these adorable creatures paddling in the azure waters is truly a spectacle to behold.

Once you’ve reached Pig Beach, you can hop into the water and swim alongside the pigs. They are generally friendly and comfortable around humans, making it easy to interact with them. You can pet and feed the pigs, capturing memorable moments as you share the water with these charming and photogenic animals.

Bahamas swimming Pigs

There are day tours and excursions available to go and visit the adorable piggies, as well as the Iguanas in the Iguana Island (not to far away from the pigs) and to explore the Exumas.

The Big major cay is located just 100 miles south of Nassau, and accesible by boat only. Still, you can flight to the airport in Staniel Cay. (only 15 minutes away from Major Cay)

Visiting the famous Bahamas swimming pigs is a must if you are visiting the country.

Swimming Pigs Tours

There are a couple rules you need to follow when visiting:

  • Feeding them with approved food (most tour companies will bring the food to feed them), which includes fruits and veggies.
  • Please feed them in the water to avoid sand ingestion.
  • It is important to remember that although pigs are very friendly, they can become aggressive when it comes to their food, so avoid feeding them directly from your hand.