Pablo Escobar’s Crashed Plane

Pablo Escobar's Crashed Plane

There is a very unusual and not-at-all advertised attraction in the Bahamas: Pablo Escobar’s Crashed Plane. Located just off Norman’s Cay and in the middle of the turquoise Crystal clear waters of the Bahamas is a plane wreck of a Curtiss C-46 Commando that belonged to Pablo Escobar.

While on route to South Florida, one of these planes crashed in the Bahamas and was abandoned. They attributed the crash to a drunk pilot and a night of low visibility. Surprisingly, the cargo was recovered before the arrival of the authorities.

Although there are other wrecks in the area, as the air space of the region was relatively unpatrolled in those times, they are not as accessible as this one, which is located in a shallow area. Norman’s Cay was presumed to be the headquarters and transshipment base of Carlos Lehder’s cartel, as well as a hub for Escobar’s operation, thanks to its strategic location close to Miami. They took over the cay by purchasing small portions of the island to the locals. This area was later recovered in 1982 by an operation held between the Bahamian Government and the US.

The plane wreckage, hidden within the thick vegetation of the island, remained largely undisturbed for years. However, the crash site eventually became a subject of intrigue and curiosity among locals and tourists alike. Some adventurous individuals sought out the remnants of the crashed plane as a kind of macabre attraction.

With time, an ecosystem started to develop in the wreck, which nowadays is filled with corals and fish, which makes it an ideal (and exciting) spot to do some snorkeling.

There are a lot of day trips available to explore this unusual attraction, available from Nassau and even Miami and Fort Lauderdale.