5 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Improve Health while Traveling

Traveling can disrupt our usual health routines, but there are simple yet effective ways to maintain and improve our well-being while on the go. These simple yet effective tips can improve your health while traveling.

Drink water travel

Hydrate Your Body

Drinking enough water while travelling can be helpful in preventing heart attacks, deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Further, water can improve your mood, prevent illness, boost energy levels, aid in proper body function and more. Indeed, you can bring a berkey water filter with you, so you can drink water that’s clean, fresh tasting, safe and better for the environment. Try filling a water bottle with this refreshing water and carrying it with you on walks and car rides. Be sure to increase your water intake each day to stay hydrated.

Start the Day Off Right

Starting the day off right can inspire a more positive outlook for the rest of the day. Firstly, stretching your muscles before you begin keeps them strong, flexible, and healthy. You can do simple stretches or learn basic yoga poses before setting out. Additionally, since breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, make it a priority. Opt for a nutritious meal by preparing a bowl of oatmeal, having cereal, or enjoying some fresh fruit before heading out. Consuming the right foods for breakfast can provide the energy you need to tackle the day ahead.

Eat healthy while traveling

Eat Healthy

Besides eating a nutritious breakfast, it’s wise to consume healthy foods throughout the entire day. For one, rather than head to a restaurant and eat a greasy meal, try making meals yourself. This makes it easier to avoid junk food. According to research, eating red meat can increase a person’s chances of death from diabetes, stroke or heart disease. In fact, plant-based proteins such as vegetables, beans, whole grains and lentils are often less expensive than meat and more beneficial to personal health. If you’d rather not cook, try buying a grocery store salad, wrap or vegetables. And when eating out, opt for vegetarian or vegan dishes whenever you can. Healthy travel snacks you can bring with you are dried fruit, peanut butter squeeze packs, protein-packed chewy granola bars, edamame veggie snacks or something else.

Exercise Regularly

Having a workout plan while travelling is a smart way to improve mental and physical health, and stay energized. Instead of walking or taking a taxi to your destination, try walking. You can also build strength by taking the stairs or get an exciting view of the great outdoors by going for a hike. If you’re in a city made for cycling, such as Amsterdam, biking can be a superb option. On the other hand, being at the beach gives you a chance to do exciting watersports, or maybe you can find a free beach workout area. Another way to get the exercise you need is to take a run around the neighborhood while listening to music with headphones on. Furthermore, you can invest in travel equipment like resistance bands, hand grips, a jump rope, comfortable running shoes, yoga mat, lightweight ab roller and other items. Other ideas you can try are working out in your room, visiting a local gym or heading to the hotel’s fitness center (if it has one). Keeping a regular schedule can help you stick to a workout routine.

Adequate Sleep is Essential

Consequently, not getting adequate sleep can have the worst effect on your mood, energy levels and overall health. For example, carrying heavy luggage, walking for hours and crossing time zones can take a harsh toll on your body. A few days before you leave, be sure to adjust your sleep schedule to the time zone you’ll be staying in. You can improve sleep quality by utilizing less technology, avoiding alcohol, keeping the hotel room quiet and dark, and maintaining your normal bedtime routines. Some items you can bring to enhance sleep quality are a travel pillow, sheet, earplugs and an eye mask. You can make time for sleep by taking a nap for a couple of hours after long walks.

Whether you’re travelling to distant lands or staying home for the weekend, taking care of personal health ensures one can remain positive. Other tips for maintaining health include doing breathing exercises, drinking water instead of alcohol, wearing sunscreen and taking vitamins, among others. Other than this, it’s important to educate friends and family on ways to stay healthy while travelling.

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