The Best Heritage Sites in Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia Church

La Sagrada Familia tops the list as the most frequented historical place within Barcelona and is the symbol of the city. It is certainly Gaudi’s masterpiece. The monument is not yet completed even though it has been constructed since 1882.

The strikingly intricate designs, elaborate wall surfaces, dynamic play of shadow and light in the reliefs on the walls, and the size of the building can overwhelm any human. The Church is certainly one of the places worth a visit on your next trip to Barcelona. Perhaps the most important and stunning structure Barcelona offers is, without doubt, the Sagrada Familia It is not only for its sheer size, its design and intricate modernist details however due to its fact that it has been constructed for over 130 years – more than the time it took for the Egyptian Pyramids to construct!

Its distinctive exterior isn’t like any other structure anywhere in the world as is its inside amazing! It is interesting to note Gaudi was not a fan of straight lines because they aren’t natural, preferring curvatures, textures and forms. Gaudi once said that ‘nothing is art if it isn’t derived from nature’. when you walk into the basilica, and then look up, the columns unquestionably look like tree branches!

Passeig de Gracia

Passeig de Gracia is a shopping street in Barcelona. The street is around 1 mile long and filled with luxury eateries and shops. There are also modernist structures in the area and among those notable buildings are La Casa Fuster, La Casa Ametller as well as La Pedrera. You will always enjoy an amazing dining experience in this restaurant because the food is delectable however the cost could be a bit high.

Casa Batllo

Another amazing Gaudi-designed house The grand house displays the power of creativity, intelligence and diversity. The house is situated on the famous Passeig de Gracia next to Casa Amatller, Casa Batllo was first opened for public viewing in the year 2002 barely sixteen years after its opening. The structure is characterized by its skeletal form with a vibrant facade, and a curving roof, with tiles that look like the scales of reptiles, this building is unique from anything that you’ll see elsewhere within the cities.


It’s not difficult to conclude that Gaudi was influenced by nature when he designed Casa Batllo, similarly to his other designs. The home has a lively vibe, from its cozy fireplace with a mushroom design, and the ceiling that resembles a red ribcage. From this, it’s clear that the architect of fame was keen to capture the beauty of nature. Many believe that the vibrant metallic tiles found in Casa Batllo and rigid arches of the roof are believed to symbolize the mythical dragon of the patron saint of Sant Jordi.


Casa Batllo’s design has earned the building the local name of “Casa dels Ossos’ (House of bones) because of its distinctive design: the balconies look like skull fragments with openings for nostrils and eyes. The columns on the top floor resemble human bones, and other elements of the façade resemble a skeleton. This is a truly unique structure!

Casa Vicens

As we walk through the enclosure we stop first in the gardens in the garden of Casa Vicens. Book Casa Vicens tickets and experience the garden inspired by Mediterranean vegetation and fauna and that is the reason there are plants like roses, magnolias, and palms. To add a little curiosity, on May 22nd, in keeping with an established tradition in the area of Gracia There is a celebration in the honor of Santa Rita in the garden in which there is an image of her, along with the blessings of roses. In the course of our visit, we can visit the basement, which is where we can find the bookstore that is specialized La Capell, which also houses a library under an archway in the ceiling of a catalan cathedral.


On the first floor, which is the principal floor, are the main areas for use during the day including the smoking area and the eating room. The smoking room is a relaxing space that has been decorated in a flamboyant fashion in the oriental style as well in the dining area you will find the original furniture that was designed by Gaudi as well as a collection of works by Francesc Torrescassana. On the first floor are the rooms for The Vicens family (bedrooms, bathroom, bedrooms …) each decorated with floral motifs and traditional images that are typical of Gaudi). Gaudi style. Second floor on which is the permanent exhibit is a space that appears to be diaphanous that is adorned with wood beams as well as windows that provide an amazing set of lights and shadows. Finally, the roof was designed as a movable place where you can wander and take in the view.

Casa Amatller

Like many of Barcelona’s tourist attractions as well as organized tours, visitors must be ready to wait in line for admission to the venue in case you don’t have pre-booked tickets. The cost for an adult ticket for a typical visit is EUR15. If you book on the internet, you can choose the time slot that is in the language you want your tour to be conducted in. There are other offers available, including an express tour that includes hot chocolate priced at EUR12. Senior citizens, children as well as young people enjoy discounts. discount.Once inside, you’ll be able to feel like you’ve been transported back up to the 19th-century.

Book Casa Amatller tickets The lavishness and elegance of the time can be seen in the stark lines of this interior structure. During the tour, guests are able to view the former home of the chocolatier Amatller located on the top floor and discover the way an interior from the time was decorated (the elaborate furniture is an absolute major attraction). With the help of the home it is possible to take a cup of hot chocolate and purchase some products made from cocoa as you think of the chocolatier who was within the building.