7 idyllic beaches in Europe that are perfect for a summer getaway

Seaside resorts are one of the most popular holiday destinations. People relax, gain strength, and heal their bodies surrounded by nature. And also the sea makes us a little happier. There are many beaches in Europe where you can spend an unforgettable time and relax your mind and body. Let’s look at the most unforgettable and idyllic places:

Coll Baix Island Mallorca, Spain

This beautiful place is located in the bay of Coll Baix. This is one of the most picturesque places on the island of Mallorca in Spain. It’s quiet and calm here. The beach is not covered with sand, but with pebbles. This is a big plus for many people. Coll Baix is far from the center and the crowded streets. The nature in this area is virgin and untouched by man. All tourists pay attention to this. Therefore they treat the surrounding nature with respect: people don’t litter, don’t pluck plants, and don’t start fires. What is unusual is that tourists need to go through a coniferous forest to get to this heavenly place. Walking will be not only exciting but also beneficial for health. Everyone will be able to admire the mountains, blue, clear water, fresh air filled with the aroma of pine needles and sea freshness, and also the untouched beauty of nature.

Palombaggia, Corsica, France

France has many resorts and attractions. Some beaches even obtained the status of paradise. Palamboggia is one of the best places for a beach holiday if you come to France. Palamboggia is a large beach, 2 kilometers long. It is close to the city with many ports – Porto-Vecchio. The color of the water of the Mediterranean Sea will delight even more. After all, words cannot convey the shade of crystal turquoise water. There is a lot of green vegetation around the beach where you can hide from the heat and not get too hot. This beach will be ideal for families with children. Why? It’s shallow there. Children can play in the sea and adults will be able to relax and not worry about their children. The necessary infrastructure is located there – cafes, restaurants, shops, and even the rental of jet skis.

Cala Acciarino, France

Cala Acciarino is a place of extraordinary beauty on the island of Lavezzi. Many tourists come there on the advice of other people to look at one of the most beautiful places not only in Europe but throughout the world. Why is this beach so attractive? First of all, you should know that Lavezzi Island is not an ordinary island. It was created from large granite slabs. Cala Acciarino is the most charming place on this island. It is very clean, the sand is soft and white. Moreover, there you can go scuba diving. There are many varieties of flora and fauna there.

Lalaria - Skiathos island, Greece

What is the best beach in Greece? Many tourists answer that this is Lalaria. Those people for whom comfort on vacation is very important will be happy to stay there. This beach has a narrow coastline. On the one hand, the Aegean Sea is washed by the coast, on the other hand, there are huge high cliffs that are covered with small pebbles. There is no infrastructure on the beach, but it has one peculiarity. This coast can only be reached by sea. There is no other way on the ground that could bring you to this place. Despite this, many people come here to relax and unwind. This beach gives a feeling of complete privacy.

White Dune, Saulkrasti, Latvia

Latvia is a country with many beaches that are suitable for a relaxing holiday with family and fun holidays with friends. This country has many resorts, including Jurmala, Liepaja, and Jurkalne. Every second tourist knows about these places. And people with Latvian dual citizenship come to rest in the local resorts of Latvia all year round. What about White Dune? White Dune is a wonderful beach, which is one of the attractions of the city of Saulkrasti on the Baltic Sea.

This coast was formed by the sands that the winds brought from the glacial lake. Once upon a time, the White Dune was a landmark for local fishing trips. A pine forest grows around the beach. And around the path that leads to the coast, linden trees grow. They say that Catherine the Great herself regretted them. Many tourists come there to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the forest and watch the calm sea.

Mirror beach Saranda, Albania.

We can safely say that Saranda is one of the best beaches in Europe. This place is located in the south of Albania on the coast of the Ionian Sea. The beach is wide and big. The sea is blue and crystal clear. The sand is golden white. This resort is suitable for both families with children and friends. A little further from the coast there are many cafes, bars, shops, and clubs. Also in Saranda, you cannot only lie on the beach and enjoy the sea but also spend your time actively. You may be offered to ride a catamaran, scooter, or jump on a trampoline. Every year there are more and more hotels here. After all, this is one of the most attractive resorts in Albania.

Slavic beach, Budva, in Montenegro

Sociable and open-minded people often choose this beach. There are many tourists there who don’t mind getting to know each other and having fun together. Not only tourists but also locals rest here. The prices here are low, but the beaches are clean and the water is clear and warm. Moreover, the water remains warm until mid-September. Why?

There is the island of St. Nicholas not far from there. It doesn’t allow cold streams of water to get closer to the shore, where people rest. If you are looking for a budget holiday, then Slavic Beach is perfect for you. The infrastructure here is well-developed. Everyone has the opportunity to rent a sunbed. There are changing cabins and showers on the beach. And also there is the possibility of going water skiing or playing beach soccer or volleyball.

So you were acquainted with the best beaches in Europe and you found out why they attract so many people. It is necessary to be informed about one more important point. You need a package of documents, a certain amount of money, as well as a good company to go to the resort. And there may be a situation when you will enjoy your vacation and want to stay longer, for example, in White Dune in Latvia.