Beautiful places to visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, is a vibrant and eclectic destination that captivates visitors with its unique blend of history, culture, and charming canals. Known for its picturesque canal network, Amsterdam offers a scenic backdrop for leisurely walks and boat rides, allowing visitors to explore the city’s iconic bridges, narrow houses, and bustling waterfront. This city is also well-known for its progressive, modern attitudes. Amsterdam has many attractions, including fine art museums and vibrant flower markets. There’s also the red light district, with cannabis-selling “coffeeshops” that offer unique experiences. Read to know about the most beautiful places to visit in Amsterdam.

Keukenhof Flower Garden

The history of Keukenhof Flower Gardens dates back to the 15th century when a vegetable and fruit garden was established on the site that supplied Castle Teylingen’s kitchen. The Keukenhof Flower Gardens were established in 1923 by Louis Paul Zocher, a landscape architect, and Jan David Zocher, a landscape architect. Later, the Zochers also designed Amsterdam’s famous Vondelpark. The first spring flower show saw 236,000 people. Each year, around 100 flower growers display their bulbs in beautiful gardens and host flower shows.

The Keukenhof Gardens 2022 season was the largest in history, with approximately 7 million flowers coloring the grounds. It is located in Lisse, Netherlands, about a 30-minute drive from Amsterdam. The 32-hectare park is the most extensive flower garden in the world. Each year, gardeners plant approximately 7 million bulbs from 800 tulip varieties. The process of planting bulbs takes three months. This is more than the time that the park is open. Dutch bulb farmers provide all bulbs for free. It is must visit place when your travel to Amsterdam. Enjoy a fun-filled day with your loved ones by booking Keukenhof Tickets, and don’t forget to bring the best camera, as the place offers some fantastic picturesque views worth capturing.

Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Amsterdam’s canals, an iconic feature of the city, are an integral part of its charm and beauty. With a network of over 100 kilometers of canals and 1,500 bridges, these waterways have earned Amsterdam the nickname “Venice of the North.” The canals, which date back to the 17th century, were originally built for transportation and defense purposes but have since become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a beloved symbol of the city. The picturesque canals are lined with charming historic buildings, leaning gabled houses, and colorful houseboats, creating a postcard-perfect scenery that enchants both locals and visitors.

Your Amsterdam trip is incomplete if you don’t take a canal cruise. This is something you should go and enjoy with your family and friends. Amsterdam Canal Cruise ticket includes an incredible 1-hour cruise on the crystal clear waters of Amsterdam. See magnificent merchant houses, churches, and other notable landmarks as you cruise under the beautiful bridges that span the waterways.

Amsterdam Body World

Body world Amsterdam is one of several exhibitions that Dr Gunther von Hagens has created. The original version was an internationally famous touring exhibition in over 100 cities across Europe, America and Africa. Around 40 million people have visited the human body exhibit since 1995. In 1977, Gunther von Hagens invented the plastination procedure at the University of Heidelberg. Plastination is a process that preserves natural human bodies for medical education and scientific research. With Body Worlds tickets, you will experience how happiness affects your mind and body. There is also an adults-only exhibition in the basement that has attracted more than 40 million people.

A'dam Lookout

A’dam Lookout is great for capturing stunning views of Amsterdam’s downtown. The lookout was opened in 2016 and is situated on the 20th floor. It offers 360-degree views over canals and historic buildings. The highest swing in Europe departs from the rooftop deck of this building’s skyscraper. On the 20th and 19th floors, you can dine at Madam and Moon, both renowned restaurants.

Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience offers beer enthusiasts and curious visitors a unique and interactive journey through the world of Heineken, one of the most famous beer brands globally. Housed in the historic former Heineken brewery, this immersive experience takes you on a captivating tour of the brewing process, the brand’s rich history, and its global impact. From interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations to tastings and interactive games, the Heineken Experience offers a dynamic and engaging exploration of beer-making traditions and the Heineken brand. Visitors can also learn how to pour the perfect pint and enjoy a refreshing drink in the lively Heineken bar.

De Negen Straatjes

De Negen Straatjes, also known as “The Nine Streets,” is a charming neighborhood in the heart of Amsterdam that offers a delightful blend of history, culture, and boutique shopping. Situated within the canal belt, this picturesque area is characterized by its narrow streets, quaint houses, and unique shops. De Negen Straatjes is a haven for fashionistas, vintage lovers, and design enthusiasts, with its diverse range of independent boutiques, art galleries, vintage stores, and specialty shops. As you stroll through these atmospheric streets, you’ll discover a treasure trove of fashion, accessories, antiques, home decor, and much more. The neighborhood is also home to cozy cafes, inviting restaurants, and trendy bars, making it an ideal spot to relax and indulge in local delights.