Top Theme Parks in Dubai

Dubai is known as the city that never sleeps. It’s also known for its unique architecture, vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches and world-class shopping malls. But did you know that there are also some amazing theme parks in Dubai? If you want to experience some thrilling rides and attractions without having to travel too far from your home country (or even your hotel), then here are our top picks for the best theme parks in Dubai:

Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure Waterpark contains lots of attractions related to water such as rides, slides, shows and many more.

The Aquaventure Waterpark was opened on April 3rd 1996 by Dubai Municipality and was constructed at a cost of $600 million USD making it the first major water park in Dubai. There are plenty of activities for both adults and children to enjoy at this park including swimming pools, wave pool, lazy river ride etc. The park also offers spa packages so you’ll be able to relax after spending time playing at this fun place!

Opening hours: 10 AM – 7 PM (weekdays); 10 AM – 6 PM (weekends)

Tickets price: Adults AED 110; Children under 4 years old free; VIP tickets AED 190 (includes express entry pass).

IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure is a theme park situated in Dubai. It has 8 rides and a water park, which makes it the world’s largest indoor theme park. The venue is divided into seven different sections, each showcasing unique attractions and rides. The IMG World of Adventure tickets offers are available on few sites from where you can expect anything from 10 to 30% discount.

The park offers some great roller coasters to ride on including the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi coaster, a 4D simulator ride where you can experience what it feels like to drive fast cars! For those of you who love thrill rides, try out the Tornado: RX or The Flying Jatt roller coasters. There are also other family friendly rides like Scooby Doo’s Haunted Mansion and Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase for younger visitors to enjoy as well as thrill seekers with their own kids!

If you want something more relaxing then take a break at the Wave House Dubai which has surf simulators where you can catch waves while having fun with friends or family! If that doesn’t sound exciting enough then maybe try one of our many restaurants here before heading back home

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is the world’s first indoor ski resort. It was built in 2003 and has since grown to include a hotel, restaurants and shops along with an ice skating rink.

The resort has the largest indoor ski slope in the world, which has been carefully landscaped with fake snow-capped mountains, flowers and trees.

You can enjoy skiing or snowboarding on this hill if you are over four years old (or have your parents’ permission). The slope is 2,300 meters long – that’s about one mile long! There are two chairlifts for getting up to the top of the slope so that you don’t have to walk all that way (this could take hours!). There are also ramps where skateboarders can get air time off their ramps as they fly down it!

Bollywood Park Dubai

Bollywood Park Dubai is a theme park dedicated to Bollywood, the Hindi language film industry based in Mumbai. The park features many attractions such as roller coasters and water rides that are based around popular Bollywood films including Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.

The Bollywood Park in Dubai also has a musical fountain show known as “Bollywood Boulevard”. The fountains feature images from famous Bollywood movies including Sholay, Saathiya and Dil Se..

Wild Wadi Waterpark

Wild Wadi Waterpark is a water park situated in Jumeirah. It’s open every day of the week, with hours running from 10am to 7pm during the summer season and 9am to 6pm during winter. The park has an entrance fee of AED150 for adults, AED110 for children aged 3–12 years old, and free entry for kids under 3 years old. You can also buy a combo ticket that covers Wild Wadi as well as additional attractions like Dubai Zoo or Legoland Dubai (priced at AED350). There are plenty of restaurants inside Wild Wadi Waterpark; however, if you don’t want to leave your towels behind while you grab some food and drink there’s always McDonalds next door!

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

This Ferrari-themed park in Abu Dhabi contains a water park, an aquarium and a hotel on site. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi opened in 2010 with its signature attraction being Formula Rossa—the fastest roller coaster in the world, which can reach speeds of 240 km/h (150 mph). The park also features other thrill rides including Flying Aces (which spins riders around at 120 km/h) and Vin Diesel’s Secret Ride (a double launch roller coaster).

Legoland Water Park Dubai

Legoland Water Park Dubai is a water park located in the Dubai Parks and Resorts (DPR) complex, which also includes Legoland Dubai theme park and Bollywood Parks.

Legoland Water Park Dubai opened in 2016 and is currently the largest Legoland Water Park in the world. It has 26 rides, including a wave pool, tube slides, body slides, flumes and splash areas.