Dead Sea Jordan

Going to the dead sea on the Jordan side

The Dead Sea, one of the most unique and intriguing bodies of water on Earth, is renowned for its extreme salinity and therapeutic properties. Located at the lowest point on the Earth’s surface, more than 430 meters below sea level, it straddles the border between Jordan and Israel. The high salt concentration, around ten times that of typical ocean water, makes swimming nearly impossible but allows visitors to float effortlessly.

Rich in minerals like magnesium, sodium, and potassium, the Dead Sea has been a destination for wellness and healing for thousands of years. Its stunning landscapes, with crystalized salt formations and the surrounding desert, create a mesmerizing natural wonder that continues to captivate travelers and researchers alike. Despite its name, the Dead Sea supports a unique ecosystem and holds a profound place in human history, from biblical times to modern-day tourism and scientific study.

Dead sea jordan ramada

Located just an hour’s drive from Amman, the drive is both convenient and scenic. As you descend towards the lowest point on Earth, you’ll be greeted by breathtaking views of the arid landscape and the sparkling waters of the Dead Sea.

Once there, visitors can indulge in the therapeutic benefits of the mineral-rich mud and buoyant saltwater. The natural spa experience is unmatched—floating effortlessly on the surface is a surreal sensation. Many resorts and public beaches along the Jordanian shore offer amenities like mud baths, freshwater pools, and wellness treatments.

In Jordan, you can either go to a public beach, or getting a day past at one of them. I did the later, and spend a couple hours in the Ramada Resort. From the hotel, we could either walk down (like 10 minutes walk) or take the complimentary shuttle. In there, we had chairs, towels, a small bar and mud pile for us to use. The fee was 35 JD. For the public beaches, there isn’t a fee, (only if you want to use the bathroom, get towels or drinks) but you don’t have the convenience of a hotel, and you will need to either go by taxi or rent a car.

A visit to the Dead Sea from Jordan is not just a trip; it’s a journey into a natural wonder that rejuvenates the body and soul while providing a glimpse into a rich historical tapestry. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural enrichment, the Dead Sea offers something for everyone.