Over 4 million people live in Amman, the capital and largest metropolis of Jordan. It spans 19 hills and the three main valleys of the nation, situated in a mountainous area between the desert and the productive Jordan Valley. This dynamic city blends the old with the new, providing guests with a singular experience.

Cultural and Historical Background

Amman’s rich history dates to approximately 8,500 years ago, during the Neolithic era. Greek, Roman, Arab and Byzantine civilizations, among others, called it home over the centuries, leaving their cultural and architectural legacies. With a Muslim presence dating back to the 7th century, the Islamic influence is especially notable. Therefore, it has famous places such as the King Hussein Bin Talal Mosque and the King Abdullah I Mosque. Which serve as reminders of this cultural legacy, as does the Amr Ibn al-As Mosque in Cairo.

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Ruins of Jerash

Archaeological Sites

The Citadel, a hill containing Roman, Byzantine, and Umayyad remains including the Temple of Hercules and the Umayyad Palace, is the ideal place to begin learning about Amman's rich history. The magnificent Roman Theater from the second century AD, which is still in use for festivals and events, is another must-see location.

Gastronomy And Urban Living

In Amman, the culinary scene is a vibrant tapestry woven with rich flavors and diverse influences. From traditional Jordanian delicacies like Mansaf, a savory dish of lamb cooked in fermented yogurt sauce and served with rice, to street food favorites such as falafel and shawarma, there's a dish to tantalize every palate. The bustling markets and local eateries offer a kaleidoscope of aromas and tastes, where spices like sumac, za'atar, and cumin infuse dishes with depth and character.

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Is Amman safe?

As a solo female traveler, I had o issues navigating Amman on my own. However, I would recommend to take precautions and to exercising your common sense just like anywhere else. Both Jordan, and Amman, are known for its hospitality and friendliness towards visitors, and feature a relatively low crime rate compared to many other major cities. Nevertheless, I would still recommend avoiding walking alone in isolated areas, especially at night. Additionally, it’s important to remember that Jordan is a Muslim country, and showing respect for its culture and dress code is crucial for a smooth experience. Dressing modestly can help you blend in and minimize unwanted attention.

Things to do in Amman

Selene in Jordan

The Citadel of Amman

Jabal al-Qal’a, widely known as the beautiful Amman Citadel, is situated in the heart of Amman. This amazing location is a historical gem with a captivating past and stunning old beauty that enthralls tourists. Numerous civilizations, including the Roman, Byzantine, Islamic, and Ottoman, have occupied it since antiquity. Actually, the Muslims arrived after the Romans, which explains why there is a mosque to investigate.
The ruins of the Amman Citadel recount tales of conquests, emperors, and vanished civilizations, serving as a tribute to the region’s rich history and cultural variety. The Temple of Hercules, which was built in the second century AD, and the Umayyad Palace, which is thought to have been.

The Roman Theater

Located in the eastern region of Jordan, the Roman Theater of Amman is a treasure of archaeology that may take tourists back in time to the Roman Empire. Building on it was done as a tribute to Emperor Hadrian, who came to Amman in AD 130. With space for 6,000 people, this amphitheater is a monument to the rich history of the city. As a result, the Roman Theater in Amman is among the biggest in the area.
The Roman Theater in Amman is in outstanding conservation following a significant renovation in 1957. Even now, concerts and outdoor events are periodically held in this magnificent amphitheater. This location welcomes guests to explore the past of ancient Roman Philadelphia and take in.

Amman theater jordan

Ajloun Castle

Ajloun Castle

Ajloun Castle, which was constructed by Christian crusaders in XII, is the ideal example of architecture and history together. Muslims overran it during its history, demonstrating the Islamic influence in the area. Visitors may take in breathtaking panoramic views of Amman and the surrounding area from its walls and towers. This is the perfect location for those who enjoy landscape photography.
The castle is in outstanding shape after a 2014 restoration, allowing guests to fully experience its history. Ajloun Castle also preserves its cultural heritage by providing a singular artistic and cultural experience, occasionally holding outdoor concerts.

The Ruins of Jerash

Traveling to the Roman Empire’s ruins at Jerash is a singular experience that immerses visitors in history. With its superbly maintained archeological ruins, Jerash is among the world’s best-preserved towns. For this reason, it presents a realistic picture of life in a Roman metropolis during its height. Furthermore, its historical background extends over 6,500 years. As a result, Jerash played a significant role in the Decapolis and the spread of Greco-Roman culture throughout the area during the Roman Empire. It also boasts impressive monuments and buildings, like the South Theater and Hadrian’s Arch, which serve as examples of classical Roman architecture and urban design. Jordan’s leading tourist destination is Jerash.

Souk Aqaba

Souk Jara

Located in the center of Amman, Souk Jara is a vibrant cultural center that provides visitors with an authentic Arabic experience. From early in the morning, local merchants liven up the market with a wide range of products.
Among which spices, nuts, crafts and jewelry stand out. The atmosphere is full of fragrances and colors, creating a captivating atmosphere. Likewise, the sounds of vendors and haggling are common and part of the experience as visitors explore the market. In fact, merchants are famous for their charisma, attractive products and vibrant conversations. The market is not only a place to shop, but also a dining destination, with restaurants offering fresh falafel and herbal tea.

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