What to wear in Jordan

Knowing what to wear in Jordan is key, and it can save you problems and misunderstandings. Jordan is certainly a nation rich in history and culture, which makes it fascinating as a destination. However, it is a majority Muslim country with specific cultural traditions and norms. For this reason it is important to be aware of dress codes and respect the local. It will make your experience smoother overall. In this guide I will tell you more about what to wear in Jordan and what to avoid, so that you can fully enjoy your trip.

Modesty is one of the main characteristics that describe Jordanian culture, which is why it is vital not to show too much. I recommend wearing clothes that cover your shoulders and knees when you are deciding what to wear in Jordan. It is not necessary to cover everything from head to toe, but try to avoid shorts and cleavage.

Some key pieces could be long-sleeved blouses, long skirts and loose pants. However, if you decide to visit religious places or mosques, it is vital to use the hijab to cover your hair. Some temples give it to you at the entrance, especially if they have a lot of tourist coming in regularly.. Another type of garment that is also a good choice are maxi dresses and long tunics.

As for footwear, it’s best to opt for comfortable shoes, as the country presents many opportunities for exploring and walking. Another good option is sandals, especially in summer and for short walks or the beach.

Take in consideration both freshness and comfort,
Shoes wont be relevant at Mosques, as you are required to remove these when entering. If you do not like to be barefoot, consider bringing some socks.

When it comes to colors and fabrics to wear in Jordan, I would recommend light and breathable color and fabrics, such as cotton or linen, especially in summer time, as the temperatures tend to rise.

Although some of these rules can be overlook when it touristic places (like Petra or the dead sea, for example), I would highly recommend following them when you are walking among local or especially when around religious places.

Amman Citadel Jordan

Clothes you should avoid wearing in Jordan

First, avoid clothing that shows too much skin, such as plunging necklines, sleeveless tops, shorts, and mini skirts. These garments can be seen as disrespectful and attract unwanted glances. Instead, opt for clothing that adequately covers your body.

Also, avoid clothing with messages or images that could be offensive or misinterpreted. It is better to opt for simple clothing without provocative prints.

Certainly, transparent garments are very common in countries like the United States and Europe, but I do not recommend wearing them Jordan, as per what we have discussed above.

I’m leaving below some of the outfits I used in Jordan below, just so you can get an idea. For some places, I decided to use a scarf to help cover myself, but in places like Petra, where I had to walk for hours under the sun, I opted for a short sleeve shirt, as all the tourist were in similar outfits if not more revealing. When in doubt, just carry something you can wear on top.

What to wear in Petra

Are you ready to start discovering Jordan?

When going to Jordan, I decided to book a tour and had a blast! I’m leaving the link to the tour below in case you are interested!

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